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March 1, 2021

What's best for baby? Try these easy, nutrient-packed first foods
(BPT) - It's the funny face as he tries a new texture. It's the cute way she smacks her lips as she gobbles up a new food. It's the waving arms and big smile that says, "I want more!"Experts agree that most babies are ready to try solid foods at around 6 months of age. As a parent or caregiver, thi... More >>

4 tips for helping kids get more healthy sleep
(BPT) - Ever wonder if your kids get enough sleep? According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), around 25% of kids 5 and younger suffer from sleep problems. And it’s even worse for older kids: The CDC reports that over half (57%) of middle schoolers and nearly 3 out of 4 (72%) high s... More >>

Make your data, and your dollars, go further
(BPT) - Wireless providers would love for you to believe that your lifestyle requires an unlimited stream of data. At first glance, there’s probably nothing wrong with this assumption: After all, think about how much of your day is spent on data-dependent activities like streaming video or mu... More >>

GameStop levels up to help kids with critical illnesses
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Easy Fish Friday options for kids and adults
(BPT) - Fish Friday is an important part of Lent, and if you honor this tradition, you’re probably looking to add something different to the menu. At the same time, you’re probably not looking forward to the extra effort of making something new.Fortunately, there are simple ways to crea... More >>

A free way to save money on prescriptions and help kids with critical illnesses
(BPT) - Audrey is a 12-year-old girl from Arizona with a passion for fashion. She spends her free time flipping through style magazines and listening to her favorite songs. She dreams of having her photo professionally taken in a long, whimsical dress that covers the leg braces that help her stay s... More >>

Addressing the ongoing U.S. maternal and infant health crisis accelerated by COVID-19
(BPT) - For any new mother, one of the most important steps she can take is finding a prenatal care provider who can help ensure a healthy pregnancy for herself and her baby. Unfortunately, far too many women in the United States have limited or no access to prenatal care providers — a danger... More >>

New reasons to say yes to a Virginia Beach getaway in 2021
(BPT) - Where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, the vibrant coastal city of Virginia Beach is where you’ll find warm, inviting waters and a cool, laid-back feel. Home to three distinct beaches, you’re bound to bump into your vibe at one of them. With a delectable seafood-cent... More >>

5 fun ways to keep your cat entertained at home
(BPT) - Thanks to the pandemic, many people have gone from working in an office to working from home, giving cat owners a chance to spend more time with their furry friends. With all this extra time, you have the opportunity to strengthen the bond you share with your cat while helping them get acti... More >>

Pet parents are looking for more than just a reward for their furry friends
(BPT) - As many pet owners have spent more time at home during the pandemic, there has been an opportunity for dog lovers to enhance their relationship with their pet, like they never have had before. Thanks to newfound work-life balance and more quality time together, the bond between dog owners a... More >>

Is it allergies or COVID-19? 7 symptoms to watch
(BPT) - COVID-19 is complicating the 2021 spring allergy season. From watery eyes to dry coughs, people are left wondering exactly what their symptoms mean.“Many people are asking about the differences between COVID-19 and seasonal allergies,” says Dr. Luz Fonacier, president of the Ame... More >>

5 tips to get you back on your feet after a cough or cold this season
(BPT) - While there may be no “cure” for the common cold, there are certainly a number of ways you can help you or your family feel more comfortable while battling a cold. There are a plethora of tips and advice for coping with cold symptoms, but following a few tried-and-true methods t... More >>

New Year, New Policy: Insurance Considerations for the Road Ahead
(BPT) - As we move away from a year unlike any other, Americans have developed a newfound tolerance for uncertainty—and the need to prepare for it. The start of a new year is a time for resolutions, especially financial ones. As part of this process, it is essential to review your insurance c... More >>

As technology habits evolve, it's more important than ever to keep your family safe from cyber threats
(BPT) - If you’re like most Americans, how you use technology today is likely vastly different than just a year ago. As COVID-19 began to impact society, many aspects of daily life went virtual, and everything from office work, to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and even our ki... More >>

How to choose the best face mask
(BPT) - Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have probably wondered what kind of face mask provides the most effective protection but is also easy and comfortable. You have probably also heard that double masking provides better protection against the more easily transmissible variants... More >>

4 pro tips to help your child defeat gamer's thumb
(BPT) - As social distance practicing extends through the winter, children are spending more time indoors, where they could be spending extra time locked in on their gaming systems and personal devices.According to market research by NPD, video game sales approached $1.6 billion in March 2020, the ... More >>

What You Need to Know about AMD to Save Your Sight
(BPT) - Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Month serves as an important reminder for people to stay on top of their eye health. AMD is one of the most common causes of vision loss later in life, affecting millions of Americans.We talked to Dr. David Eichenbaum, an ophthalmologist at Retina Vitr... More >>

How one company lifts the burden of college debt
(BPT) - Higher education has become synonymous with debt. The Federal Reserve reported more than $1.7 trillion in outstanding student loans as of Q4 2020 while nearly $120 billion in student loans were in default, according to Statista. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or returning as ... More >>

Why Nonprofit Leaders Need To Lead The Way In Innovating Education
(BPT) - Deb Mallin, Forbes Councils MemberForbes Nonprofit CouncilFounder of LiteracyMatters.org, a foundation on a mission to close the literacy gap with scalable, ethical technology & evidence-based instruction.As 2020 came to a close, were you looking at the glass half full, or depending on ... More >>

Nutrition key to dog’s success breaking competitive world records
(BPT) - In 2017, a two-year old whippet named Sounders was introduced to the world of competitive canine diving. Just two years later, he was breaking world records and even captured the Guinness World Record for farthest jump by a dog (dock jumping).In 2019, Sounders broke two records in Diving Do... More >>

In the grip of a toothache? Seek out this pro to save your smile
(BPT) - A stabbing toothache is a special kind of pain. It keeps you awake, inspires dread for your next meal and makes it darn near impossible to think about anything else. The mouth is a sensitive area, and those pain receptors are on high alert when it comes to infection and other maladies.If yo... More >>

Your COVID-19 Vaccination Questions, Answered
(BPT) - With COVID-19 vaccination underway in the United States, many Americans are preparing to get the vaccine to protect themselves and help slow the spread of COVID-19. If you're able to get the vaccine, you probably have a lot of questions. Knowing what to expect and how to properly prepare fo... More >>

Genetic testing advances give hope to people with rare diseases
(BPT) - Rare diseases have long been difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat. Symptoms can be vague or confusing and the diseases are often not widely known. People living with rare diseases called primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs), including neutropenia, face challenges with diagnosis and trea... More >>

Easy changes to your routine for a healthier lifestyle
(BPT) - It’s natural to want to eat healthy and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to feel good. Figuring out how to eat healthy and make smart choices can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Try these five simple tips to introduce better habits into your diet.1. Plan... More >>

3 ideas for the perfect socially distanced road trip
(BPT) - While it’s hard to know what’s around the corner, many travelers with wanderlust are thinking about heading for the horizon in 2021. And while travel may look different this year, there are lots of great socially distanced destinations on the map.Nokian Tyres is sharing some of ... More >>

3 top strategies to keep bones strong
(BPT) - Healthy bodies need healthy bones. Bones support our weight, protect our internal organs and provide a platform for our muscles to work. Unfortunately, we don’t always treat our bones right. There are many common behaviors or attributes that weaken the skeletal structure, including:Sm... More >>

The future of investing
(BPT) - Robinhood was built for a new generation of investors. For millions of people who have felt left behind by America’s financial system. For people who felt turned away by the big Wall Street financial institutions. For those who are making their voices heard through the markets and sho... More >>

4 fun car-related activities to do with kids
(BPT) - Got kids who love cars? Whether your child (or your student) is a preschooler, a teenager or somewhere in between, here are some creative ways to keep kids happily engaged at home while they’re dreaming about cars. These activities are appropriate for any age to help nurture and inspi... More >>

4 simple tips to feel your best in the new year
(BPT) - As we kick off the new year, many people are experiencing high levels of stress due to ongoing uncertainty and countless new demands. While you may think you don't have time for wellness and self-care, experts say it only takes a few minutes a day and the benefits are plentiful.Check out th... More >>

The urge to purge: How to make way for the New Year
(BPT) - In many cultures worldwide, it’s traditional to clean out your home at the beginning of a new year. It’s understandable — New Year’s brings with it the urge for a clean slate and a fresh start. And as you’ve been spending more time in your home this year, you&r... More >>

Piecing together your emotional wellness routine in 2021
(BPT) - 2020 was a tough year for everyone, so it’s more important than ever to develop positive physical, mental and emotional wellness routines as you tackle a new year and new challenges. As Americans continue to spend an increased amount of time in front of screens, these new routines can... More >>

Don’t fumble the appetizers for the big game
(BPT) - This year’s big game day may be quite different than previous ones, but that shouldn’t stop you from going all-out with your appetizers. Tasty snacks and sports go hand in hand, so use this event to score a touchdown using bite-sized finger foods!Huddle up and try something new ... More >>

5 ways to create a healthy indoor environment this season
(BPT) - Americans spend roughly 90% of their time indoors where the air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Homes contain a number of unwanted particles such as dust, dander and mold. While invisible to the naked eye, indoor air can also contain viruses and bacteria, which can l... More >>

Girls in Sports: Laurie Hernandez’s Tips on Why It’s Important to Keep Her Playing
(BPT) - Did you know millions of girls are stepping off the field and leaving sports during puberty? Participating in sports helps girls develop the confidence and skills they need to do whatever they are passionate about.Supporting female athletes at the age of puberty is essential because this is... More >>

4 ways to support your immune health, according to an MD
(BPT) - Amid the new normal where health and the health of loved ones is top of mind for many Americans, prioritizing wellness activities on a daily basis can be key to feeling in control and maintaining immune health. Our immune system is a critical part of our overall health and well-being &mdash... More >>

10 tips for choosing a primary care doctor
(BPT) - A primary care physician is more than just a doctor. Over time, he or she learns the nuances of your medical history, your reaction to medications, your health goals, your lifestyle, your treatment preferences and whether a caregiver is supporting you in managing your health.That intimate k... More >>

Start 2021 on a high note with these hacks
(BPT) - While 2020 was a rollercoaster of emotions, this year doesn’t have to be. These hacks will help you navigate the new norm this year — and make sure 2021 kicks off on a stress-free note.1) Make your home cozyMake your home extra cozy this season since everyone is still spending m... More >>

Navigating your health from home is just a call, click or doorbell away
(BPT) - You feel it again — that nagging back pain. Or maybe it’s an earache that won’t go away. With COVID-19 restrictions making many of us reluctant to leave the comforts of home, it’s good to know there are other ways to see your health care provider and get your medical... More >>

How to learn more about new virtual internship programs
(BPT) - It’s not news that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on learning opportunities for high school and college students. Unfortunately, that’s been especially true for underrepresented students, who often face roadblocks in accessing professional opportunities.One glaring issue... More >>

I didn’t know I was at risk: What everyone 50-plus needs to know about shingles
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5 reasons ADHD goes unrecognized in girls
(BPT) - Difficulties with sitting still, paying attention or controlling impulsive behavior are some of the initial signs or symptoms of ADHD in children. These signs are often stereotyped as typical of behavior of young boys. It’s reported that boys are three times more likely to be diagnose... More >>

Bend, don’t break: A guide to resiliency from military spouses
(BPT) - What do you do with uncertainty? Much less a year of it or more? The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with challenges, hardships and instability of every kind — important events canceled, travel put on hold, businesses striving to stay open, kids and parents adjusting to virtual lea... More >>

5 delicious things you didn’t know about ghee
(BPT) - If you’ve heard of ghee, you might know of its recent, growing popularity as part of many wellness habits this time of year. Or, perhaps from its roots in the Ayurvedic health approach, which originated over 3,000 years ago and is still in use today. But what is ghee? How do you use i... More >>

More people are concerned about their financial future: 4 steps to protect yours
(BPT) - Finances are consistently a top concern for many Americans, with “saving money” a top-10 most common New Year’s resolution. This year, Americans are more concerned than ever before due to the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic.USE Credit Union reported that more ... More >>

Tips to help make the most of your health plan in 2021
(BPT) - Last year was a difficult year as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through our country, impacting families and communities nationwide. The health challenges of the pandemic also provided a crucial reminder about the importance of health care.For many Americans, new health plan benefits began in ... More >>

Leading Climate Scientists Launch New Science Moms Campaign [Video]
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Why adults should prioritize vaccines this winter
(BPT) - With COVID-19 cases on the rise and flu season underway, it is more important than ever to prioritize your health.Social distancing will become more difficult in the winter months. With everyone spending more time indoors, it’s essential to take every precaution to help keep yourself ... More >>

What to expect from Economic Impact Payment Cards
(BPT) - With the enactment of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021, millions of eligible individuals will receive a second Economic Impact Payment (EIP). The Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) is distributing these payments on behalf of the Internal... More >>

Why eggs are an important first food for children
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Pandemic meal preparation: How parents are coping with kids at home
(BPT) - In March, parents across the country had life flipped upside down. All of a sudden, they had to figure out how to work from home, guide their kids through e-learning, prepare more meals and manage the other regular duties of parenting. Little did these parents know that all those stressors ... More >>

How to solve the puzzle of paying for college [Infographic]
(BPT) - If your family is working to identify funding sources to finance a college education, there are a lot of options and resources to consider. From FAFSA and scholarships to grants and student loans, learn more about how the puzzle pieces fit together.... More >>

6 ways to improve the time you spend at home
(BPT) - After spending so much time at home in 2020, you might be running out of ideas to keep yourself entertained. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for new ways to improve the time they spend at home. Follow these tips to revamp y... More >>

Digital tools can help kids build safe money habits
(BPT) - The earlier kids start learning basic financial skills, the better their financial health in the long run, according to research.When it comes to teaching kids about money, caregivers are asking for help. In fact, 32% of parents are uncomfortable speaking about finances with their own child... More >>

Expecting a paper stimulus check? Here's what to do with it
(BPT) - Are you expecting a paper government stimulus check? If you received one over the summer, it’s likely you may have another on the way. But what is an easy and efficient way to cash it so you can quickly put those funds to good use?While depositing a check usually takes time to process... More >>

Why you should hire a professional photographer for senior portraits
(BPT) - High school graduation is a proud moment for not only your senior but the entire family. After all, it's an important milestone that will never come again. Senior portraits commemorate this time in your son or daughter's life and will be cherished for years to come. As your child grows into... More >>

Study: Most Americans say they're optimistic about a brighter financial future in 2021
(BPT) - As we enter 2021, here’s one more essential item to put on your list in addition to canned goods and masks: a financial checkup. According to Fidelity Investments’ 2021 New Year Financial Resolutions Study, more than two-thirds of Americans experienced financial setbacks in 2020... More >>

5 quick tips for prioritizing health and wellness
(BPT) - Making it through a day, month and especially the busiest time of year, deserves a pat on the back these days. The new year brings a time to reset and look at new ways to put your wellness — and your family’s — front and center. Now, when focusing on your health and wellne... More >>

Cozy calorie-conscious dishes and cooking tips for celebrations
(BPT) - Many celebrations are now held virtually, but sharing your favorite recipes and making them together can be a great way to feel close together while miles apart. With a few simple steps and recipe updates, you'll be able to share new delicious and low-cal dishes with loved ones without havi... More >>

Feeling a cold coming on? Do these 3 things right now
(BPT) - Colds can make you feel run down and miserable. The last thing you want is the coughs, the sneezes and a run-down, foggy head feeling to hang on for weeks on end.So, that begs the question: What can you do to get through this bug as quickly as possible?“Unfortunately, there is current... More >>

A registered dietitian’s 5 steps for better health in 2021
(BPT) - The New Year always spurs a renewal of personal goals, whether you make resolutions or not. The blank slate of a new calendar year offers a sense of possibilities for making the next year great — and health goals usually top the list.If you’re looking to put health first, who be... More >>

How to make extra money by selling locally through resale: 4 popular trends this year
(BPT) - This year, people leveraged the convenience of online shopping more than ever. One of the main reasons is that buying and selling through resale marketplaces makes it easier for people to find deals or make money to supplement their income.In 2020, buying and selling locally became more pop... More >>

The perfect shot: The story of a boy and his photography
(BPT) - In a year like 2020, dreams can still come true, even for those with a critical illness. Just ask Colton, a young boy from South Carolina. After he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Colton found he loved taking pictures with his smartphone. He's been at the beach every day, taking photos of... More >>

How pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is revolutionizing mental health treatment
(BPT) - If you or a family member have sought care from a mental health professional, or are considering seeking help for depression, anxiety, ADHD or other conditions, you want the best treatment available. Multiple treatment options now exist for many of these conditions, ranging from medications... More >>

Breathe easy: What you need to know before buying an air purifier
(BPT) - More people than ever before are considering room air filters and purifiers to protect themselves against COVID-19 indoors. But do these devices really make a difference?Air purifiers and filters can help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses, in a home, office or other confined s... More >>

Burglars don’t take off for the holidays: 5 tips to prevent home break-ins
(BPT) - While consumers have been in their homes more in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, USAA wants consumers to be aware of the potential increase in thefts during the holiday season.Top 10 states for USAA personal property theft claims in 20201. California2. Texas3. Washington4. Colora... More >>

Resolve to achieve healthy sleep in 2021
(BPT) - According to a recent survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), 85% of U.S. adults do not get the recommended seven hours or more of sleep every night. After a challenging and stressful year, the New Year provides Americans with the opportunity to refocus on the importance ... More >>

Considering relocating? 4 reasons to Choose Casper, Wyoming
(BPT) - Everyone’s lives have been upended this year, and with those changes have come new attitudes about how people everywhere live and work. More people working remotely and from home has led to a re-evaluation of lifestyles and future goals — at times shifting the focus to where peo... More >>

5 reasons to hire a professional photographer for family portraits
(BPT) - During a year that has been like no other, one thing is clear — family is more important than ever. Between the family members you’ve spent every moment with to those you dearly miss, the bonds between you are stronger than ever. What better way to celebrate your loved ones than... More >>

Is your pandemic pet giving your eye allergies the blues?
(BPT) - The pandemic has caused pet adoptions and sales to soar because who doesn’t want a cute, furry friend for extra snuggles during this time? What some might be noticing is that those snuggles from a cute pup or kitty come at a cost — itchy allergy eyes. If you are experiencing irr... More >>

4 things to consider when buying a vehicle
(BPT) - The pandemic changed our travel habits considerably, and forced us to reconsider how we get around safely. For example, the latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index found that three-quarters of Americans don’t feel comfortable taking public transportation because of the coronavirus pandemic, l... More >>

How to have a holly, jolly, digital holiday
(BPT) - In this time of social distancing, when you may not be able to gather together with family and friends during the holiday season, there are plenty of exciting, unique and downright delightful ways to keep everyone’s holiday spirits high.Consider exploring websites and digital platform... More >>

Top ways to vacation responsibly in 2021
(BPT) - After months of cautionary travel and shelving vacation plans, people, especially those with families at home, are researching how they can indulge their wanderlust safely again in 2021. The goal is to enjoy a vacation in a responsible manner, creating memories while keeping yourself and ot... More >>

Give the gift of connection
(BPT) - Connecting with other people is a huge part of our lives — and it’s essential to our health and well-being. It’s also a huge part of what makes the holidays special. The good news is there are many ways we can connect, even if we’re physically apart. And if you&rsquo... More >>

Dreaming of owning a home? Here’s how to get started
(BPT) - This post is sponsored by Bank of America.Are you dreaming about owning your own home? If so, you’re not alone. And, whatever your timeline, it’s never too early to start planning. Bank of America’s 2020 Homebuyer Insights found that 89 percent of prospective buyers remain... More >>

7 signs you might need new water pipes
(BPT) - While spending more time at home, you’ve probably started noticing repairs you need to make. You may have even tackled a few home improvement projects. However, there are some improvements you might not consider, because they're hidden until they reach their breaking point — lik... More >>

COVID-19: What is an Emergency Use Authorization?
(BPT) - Sponsored by Pfizer.According to the FDA, an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.1 An EUA allows the use of medical pro... More >>

Easy ways to make your holiday dishes the star of the show
(BPT) - The holiday season is upon us, and while it may look and feel a bit different from holidays past, there’s still just as much to do. Even if it’s mostly online, we’re busy searching for the perfect presents, decorations galore, favorite festive movies and so much more. And,... More >>

Skip the stuff and give students peace of mind this holiday season
(BPT) - This holiday season, it seems more important than ever to give meaningful gifts to the people we care about. Because 2020 has been so stressful and challenging, a gift full of hope for the future can feel even more special. Consider ways to help further the education of your family and frie... More >>

How one company helps kids’ wishes come true
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Tips to craft your own holiday decorations
(BPT) - Holiday decorations bring a smile to everyone’s face, and that is needed now more than ever. Crafting seasonal décor instead of shopping for it gives you and your family something to occupy your extra time at home and helps you avoid big crowds and shopping stress.Perhaps you&r... More >>

5 digital gifts perfect for 2020
(BPT) - One of the big challenges of this holiday season is figuring out how to get the right gift delivered on time. How are savvy holiday shoppers solving this problem? They’re sending digital gift cards.There’s a digital gift card that’s a perfect match for everyone on your lis... More >>

Give the gift of plasma this holiday season
(BPT) - It’s no secret that the holidays look much different this year, but those changes may be even more noticeable for individuals who are at high-risk for COVID-19. No one knows this better than Dayna, a mother and caregiver to four children with a rare disease which has caused them to be... More >>

Top chefs find inspiration close to home
(BPT) - Celebrated chefs Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton, Gerald Hirigoyen and Martin Yan are known and active the world over, but they all call California home. For their award-winning restaurants, product lines, cookbooks and TV shows, they draw inspiration from the bountiful fresh ingredients the... More >>

5 fun ideas for stocking stuffer swaps
(BPT) - This year, it's a great idea to find new ways to lift everyone’s holiday spirits. One way is to be a little more creative when choosing or making stocking stuffers for your family. Why not swap out some of the same-old, same-old ideas? Search for fun new options, including a variety o... More >>

This season, give the gift of eggs
(BPT) - You don’t need to spend a lot of money on extravagant gifts to show friends and loved ones how much you care this holiday season. The way to the heart is through the stomach, and a dozen eggs can get you there.This year, spread the love and celebrate the simple joys with delicious and... More >>

Making the call of 5G: Is it time to switch?
(BPT) - After seemingly years of breathless hype, 5G network technology has finally arrived across much of the country. Delivering increased connection speeds and improved call quality, 5G is the new state-of-the-art for wireless users, and both cellular providers and device manufacturers are rushi... More >>

5 not-so-secret ways to make the most of your money
(BPT) - The holidays are approaching, and New Year’s resolutions are top of mind. For many, this means thinking about how to be smart with your money. Whether you’re shopping for loved ones, looking to start a new hobby or treating yourself to something special, a little purchase planni... More >>

Need more functionality? 4 simple ways to upgrade your laundry room
(BPT) - When you chose your home, you may not have given much thought to the size or layout of your laundry room.With people spending more time at home now, maximizing functionality is key. Studies show that 72% of second-time home buyers consider a workable laundry room an essential feature of the... More >>

Sleep-trainer approved tips for new parents
(BPT) - Newborns need a lot of sleep, but rarely does it seem like they are ever actually sleeping. Ask any parent and they will tell you that they spend far more time trying to put baby down to rest than the amount of time baby remains asleep! It’s a tale most parents are all too familiar wi... More >>

How to put a new spin on holiday celebrations this year
(BPT) - COVID-19 restrictions mean the holiday season will be different this year, but that doesn't mean you have to become a Grinch. Although extensive travel, large group gatherings and many traditional activities can't happen, you can find imaginative ways to be just as joyful with a dash of cre... More >>

Fall prevention: Tips to enjoy favorite winter activities safely
(BPT) - Staying active is important during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for many people, that means pursuing outdoor activities where fresh air is plentiful and social distancing is easier to achieve. During winter months, that includes popular seasonal activities such as sledding, ice skating, skiin... More >>

How to help address chronic conditions amid COVID-19
(BPT) - While some people with a COVID-19 infection may experience relatively mild symptoms (or no symptoms at all), the disease is of greater concern for the 56% of Americans who may have at least one risk factor linked to an increased chance of complications.Two increasingly common risk factors f... More >>

Beware of harsh chemicals: Everyday cleaning & health during the pandemic and beyond
(BPT) - The coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the dangers of rampant overuse of harsh chemicals in products we use every day to clean our skin, homes, offices and public spaces — making natural and skin-friendly cleaning solutions more important than ever. A recent CDC study, “Clea... More >>

Winter is coming, but there’s still time to get vaccinated against flu!
(BPT) - If you are living with certain chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes or asthma, you are at higher risk of developing serious complications from flu, like pneumonia, bronchitis and other illnesses that can lead to hospitalization or even death. Even if your chronic cond... More >>

5 Ways Real Christmas Trees Can Make Fun Holiday Memories in a Tough Year
(BPT) - Pandemic or no pandemic, people are determined to keep the holiday spirit alive and joyful. Here are five ways to keep that Christmas spirit alive and real this year:Go Ahead, Enjoy Your Tree All Season Long. Get your Christmas tree and fill your house with joy (and scent!) all season long.... More >>

Can a vacation save your life?
(BPT) - If you’ve ever wondered whether there are benefits to taking a vacation or traveling, there is good news. Research shows that vacations can help you live longer and improve your mental and physical health.According to a 2016 Harvard study, when travelers planned out their vacations at... More >>

For People Living with Follicular Lymphoma, Routine Medical Check-ins are a Must—Here’s Why
(BPT) - The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting nearly every part of daily life, and many people are choosing to skip or forgo their medical visits, screenings and tests. For people living with follicular lymphoma (FL), a typically incurable blood cancer that has to be closely managed, the import... More >>

Holiday hints: Gift wrapping and shipping tips from the experts
(BPT) - It’s that time of year again — when gift-givers everywhere struggle to get presents wrapped and shipped ahead of the holidays. If you are one of the many who need tips, inspiration or a little nudge, why not turn to the experts for great ideas this year?Wrap artisticallyUp your ... More >>

Pain doesn’t discriminate: Study finds young people experience pain as frequently as older people
(BPT) - A sore back. That stiff joint. Another headache. With so much time being spent at home, you're probably noticing more of your daily aches and pains. Many people tend to envision pain only impacting older people, and while everyone's pain is unique, you might be surprised to learn that pain ... More >>

6 refrigeration trends that will make your life easier
(BPT) - The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house — especially now, when we’re all at home more than ever. And while we’re cooking more meals in and stocking up on necessities, having the right features and appliances can help make our lives in the kitchen easier... More >>

4 questions to ask before getting a new pet
(BPT) - One good thing about 2020? More people are fostering and adopting pets who need homes. And during the holidays, pet adoption increases even more because families have more time away from work and school.Before you foster or adopt — and especially when considering a pet as a gift &mdas... More >>

A Closer Look at the Impact of COVID-19 on Hispanic and Latino Communities
(BPT) - Sponsored by Pfizer.Developing a vaccine that could decrease rates of infection, disease and death worldwide is a critical part of addressing the COVID-19 global health crisis. Equally important is helping ensure vaccines reach the people and communities that are disproportionately impacted... More >>

Oral steroids for asthma: An unequal risk
(BPT) - More than 25 million Americans live with asthma, but people across the country are affected differently. For example, people from Black and Hispanic communities are more likely to visit the hospital due to asthma symptoms and less likely to discuss an asthma action plan with their doctor. T... More >>

5 quick tips for improving the airflow in your home
(BPT) - With COVID-19 cases up in most parts of the country families are weighing the pros and cons of gathering. Experts encourage maintaining a steady flow of fresh, quality air within your home to help slow the transmission of coronavirus.Proper air circulation is crucial in any home, because ai... More >>

Screening for spinal muscular atrophy, the leading genetic cause of infant death, can save lives
(BPT) - Regina Philipps’ son, Shane, was born a happy, healthy and strong baby — holding his head up on his own, rolling, and pushing himself up on his arms. But at six months old, Regina noticed something might be wrong.“He started moving less, and some of the strength he had see... More >>

Safety first: Tips for pet-proofing your home
(BPT) - Welcoming a four-legged friend into your family is an exciting time for everyone, but puppies, kittens, dogs and cats can easily find themselves in serious trouble while exploring their new surroundings. It is important to remember that pets are naturally curious and explore their worlds wi... More >>

Jumping on the real estate boom? Do your homework first
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... More >>

COVID-19 vaccine development: Key facts you want to know, from Pfizer’s Chief Patient Officer
(BPT) - The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted many people around the globe in some way, and as a result, all eyes are on the biopharmaceutical companies that are working to develop safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. As the Chief Patient Officer at Pfizer, Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron describes ... More >>

Tips to help you shop safely amid COVID-19 this holiday season
(BPT) - It’s a shopping season like no other. Fifty-seven percent of shoppers surveyed report that they are likely to change their gifting habits this holiday season because of COVID-19[1]. As a result, shoppers are relying on a long-time favorite — gift cards — as a gift that can... More >>

Great eggspectations: Surprising holiday gift ideas
(BPT) - At a loss for new and unique holiday gifts for your loved ones this year? Have you ever considered eggs?In a lighthearted look at gift giving, the American Egg Board offers two new humorous 15-second films that turn classic gift ads on their heads. One is a spoof on the classic jewelry stor... More >>

Doctor's insight: Debunking toddler nutrition myths
(BPT) - The transition from breast milk or formula to food can be a stressful one for parents of toddlers. Keeping track of the newest information about adequate nutrition is difficult enough, not to mention you're now dealing with toddler food preferences that can seemingly alter overnight."Guidel... More >>

Tips to help manage holiday stress during COVID-19
(BPT) - Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Stress levels are rising due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the numerous disruptions in our daily lives.The American Psychological Association recently reported that “we are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health ... More >>

4 money moves to kick off 2021
(BPT) - Just imagine: Holiday shopping is behind you, the eggnog has officially worn off and the seasonal coffee drinks have lost their allure. A new year is beginning and it’s time to prepare.“As you gear up for a new year, it’s important to take a hard look at your finances, and... More >>

How digital engagement can offer more control over personal finances in unpredictable times
(BPT) - Since the coronavirus pandemic began taking hold in early 2020, global stock markets have taken investors on a rollercoaster ride, with aggressive climbs in value, precipitous drops and an overall queasy feeling in the pits of our stomachs about what’s next.COVID-19’s impact on ... More >>

The caregiver difference: One man’s journey caring for his father’s COPD
(BPT) - When Justin found out his dad had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), he wasn't sure what to expect. Without knowing anything about the condition, he didn't realize that becoming a primary caregiver at age 30 would mean uprooting his lifestyle to support caring... More >>

Feel-good food: 5 facts you may not know about watercress
(BPT) - As we move into the winter season, it’s important to strengthen our immune systems by making fresh fruits and vegetables a key part of our diets.After all, eating a diet rich in fresh produce is one of eight important steps we can take to ward off potential illness, according to Harva... More >>

7 great reasons to eat more grapes
(BPT) - It’s possible that grapes are already high on your list of snackable foods, but there are so many reasons to eat grapes beyond just their irresistible juicy-sweet taste. You may not know that grapes also have many properties that can help you maintain a fresher, healthier diet. With t... More >>

Delicate harmonies create balance in the bath
(BPT) - The bath space should feel spa-like in nature and create a sense of tranquility. To establish balance within the bath, coordinate different design styles and incorporate striking natural details. Bathrooms that push the boundaries on contrast, while maintaining a minimalistic tone, create t... More >>

Get a clue about the flu: What you need to know
(BPT) - As flu season collides with the COVID-19 pandemic this year, it’s critical to think about how to best protect yourself, your loved ones and the members of your community from getting sick and overburdening an increasingly strained healthcare system. Getting a flu shot each season is a... More >>

Looking for support during this pandemic? A new mental health community supports, inspires and connects people during these challenging times
(BPT) - This article was sponsored and developed by Neurocrine Biosciences. We are living in an unprecedented time, where everyone’s mental health is being put to the test. Recent research has shown that stress and worry related to the pandemic have had a negative impact on mental health, tak... More >>

5 noteworthy travel trends in the age of a pandemic
(BPT) - COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. When the pandemic began, many people put vacations on hold, shelving their wanderlust. As the pandemic continues, people are starting to travel again, but in different ways that prioritize health and wellness. This has led to some interesting travel t... More >>

4 ways to turn holiday gifts into shared experiences
(BPT) - It’s no secret this year’s holiday season is bound to be different. But what hasn’t changed is the search for unique gift ideas — and fun new activities — to share with the ones we love, whether we’re together or apart.If you want to make an impression on... More >>

Why a bidet is the perfect gift for that special person on your list
(BPT) - Looking for an original gift for that extra special person this holiday season? This year, go for something that can elevate their personal care routine. Bidets can offer the perfect gift for every person on your list. They come as seats as well as standalone appliances, and they come with ... More >>

What will Santa Bass bring your favorite angler this holiday season?
(BPT) - Was your favorite angler a good angler this past year? Did they cry? Did they pout? Santa Bass is coming to town and he’s been checking his list, twice. He sees all the times when an angler acted with kindness at the boat landing as well as those anglers who cut off another angler at ... More >>

How a child's wish brings hope while fighting cancer during COVID-19
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How the rest of the world sees America in 2020
(BPT) - The United States of America is confusing in the best of times. Tax returns. Fifty different legal systems. Why we still use pounds, inches and Fahrenheit. Daylight saving time. We could go on.And in the worst of times? From political debates about wearing masks in a pandemic to a contested... More >>

5 positive tips: Show teachers they have your support this school year
(BPT) - Teaching has always been a challenging job, but this year our nation’s teachers are working harder than ever to ensure student success — online, offline and in combinations thereof.In addition to their usual tasks, educators are having to quickly learn unfamiliar technologies. T... More >>

5 questions to ask before giving your tween a smartphone
(BPT) - If you've considered gifting your son or daughter a smartphone, you’re not alone. In a survey by SellCell last year, about 41% of parents thought a smartphone was the top holiday or birthday gift choice for their teenager. But with Common Sense Media reporting that most (53%) kids hav... More >>

People living with diabetes may feel more in control of their condition with the help of technology
(BPT) - In the United States today, more than 30 million people live with diabetes — a challenging condition that requires individuals to constantly, and diligently, manage their body’s needs. Those who use insulin know that carefully logging glucose (blood sugar) readings is necessary ... More >>

Bring joy back into a family's life this holiday season
(BPT) - 2020 has been a year of change, reflection and resilience. But most of all, 2020 has been a year of seeking new ways to connect — with your family and loved ones, or with others in your community who need support.Now more than ever, hope is essential. And for a family of a child fight... More >>

How probiotics can support your pet’s health
(BPT) - You’ve probably heard the buzz about probiotics helping to support gut health for humans — but did you know that probiotics can also help support the health of your pet? It turns out that both dogs and cats can benefit from probiotics as a regular part of their overall healthy, ... More >>

Are you susceptible to pandemic-related anxiety?
(BPT) - Since the pandemic began, many have felt the effects on their mental health. The CDC reported in June that over 40% of Americans suffered an adverse mental or behavioral health condition, with anxiety and depressive disorders topping the list. By mid-July, 53% of U.S. adults said their ment... More >>

5 ways to salute moms and moms-to-be this National Diabetes Awareness Month
(BPT) - Moms are often the driving force behind their children’s health, helping them make good choices and practice self-care so they grow into healthy adults. Diabetes can add a unique and full-time challenge to what is already a 24/7 job.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Pre... More >>

Seasonal allergies? 6 steps to help you sleep well
(BPT) - Having seasonal allergies is a struggle all day, both in the spring and fall, but for many it's evening when problems intensify. Runny nose, sneezing, itching, tossing and turning disrupt your ability to rest. Fortunately, with a few simple lifestyle changes to help keep fall allergies at b... More >>

Quarantine fatigue? Use the power of play to engage kids and encourage learning
(BPT) - You love spending time at home with your kids, but you might not have anticipated just how much time this would be at the start of the pandemic. Now that cold weather is sweeping the nation, families will be at home and indoors even more. Fortunately, the magic of imaginative play not only ... More >>

3 lessons in resilience to help you get through 2020
(BPT) - Billionaire Mark Cuban was fired from his first job in software. Actress Jameela Jamil endured three life-changing medical diagnoses before breaking big in Hollywood. Musician John Legend was receiving unemployment checks while waiting for his big break.Life is rarely linear or straightforw... More >>

Recognizing how a change in schizophrenia treatment can help
(BPT) - Tim is like any other 26-year-old — he lives on his own and has a job. He is also one of the 2.8 million adults living with schizophrenia in the United States.For those in his small community, Tim may be the first person living with schizophrenia that they have ever met. According to ... More >>

Veterans Day 2020: A different time, and a time to make a difference
(BPT) - We hear a lot today about recognizing those people who have made a difference for our country and for our citizens. On Veterans Day, we recognize the many Americans who have made a profound impact on our nation and our future through their service in the U.S. military.In 1918, at the 11th h... More >>

Tips to help navigate health benefits open enrollment amid COVID-19
(BPT) - The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people nationwide to live differently, including new challenges when it comes to navigating the health system and accessing care.Whether people are enrolling in a health plan offered through an employer, state-based exchange or government-sponsored program... More >>

Election overload? Fun ways to escape politics at home
(BPT) - The election season is a lot to handle no matter where you land on the political spectrum. It can be draining on many levels, which is why now is the perfect time to escape the political drama and make up your own political fun at home.Idea 1: Embrace the household monarchyForget democratic... More >>

Headlight savings time: Switch today, see better tonight.
(BPT) - Daylight saving time is coming to an end, but Headlight Savings Time is just starting.Headlight Savings Time is an annual campaign sponsored by Sylvania, a leading aftermarket automotive brand with more than 100 years of industry experience, to remind drivers that headlights, just like brak... More >>

How small businesses can be ready for this holiday shopping season amidst the pandemic
(BPT) - Nearly every business has been disrupted by COVID-19 in some way, which makes this year’s holiday shopping season more important than ever for many small businesses. Small business owners have demonstrated incredible resilience and creativity this year, and there are ways they can pre... More >>

4 Simple Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season
(BPT) - Traditionally, the holiday season is a time to gather with family and friends to reminiscence and celebrate all that has happened throughout the year. But with an ongoing pandemic, many are left looking for new and unique ways to enjoy those time-honored traditions in a way that keeps every... More >>

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